Friends ;)

 My friend Anne Marie sent me postcards from very exotic place Trinidad and Tobago :D I really love it ^^
Very pretty temple in the sea.
And some queens park savannah :) With such lovelly flower in the corner of card heh.

Another thank you postcard from Veronika. She plan to study in Poland on Warsaw University :)
Sent by Veronika.
From Belarus.
This thank you card showed Maceio city. Wish to be in such warm place now :)
There was also lovelly sticker with hipopotam.
Sent by Edlaine.
From Brazil.

This postcard si sent by my friend Niko from Brasil :) On the picture is part of amazing Amazonica forest :D Looks stunning.


Postacrd is a old black and white photo showing some historical place :)
Sent by Marit.
From Finland.

Very interesting postcard. Kuo wrote about population and traditional rituals :)
Sent by Kuo-Ying.
From Taiwan.

Postcard with pictures from show about science fiction novels of Jules Verne. Postcard is from Spain.
Sent by Dmitry.
From Russia.

On this card I can find typical veiws of Dutch. I especially like cow in the foggy morning :)
Sent by Truus.
From Netherlands.

This interesting postcard showed interior of typical pub. It was bought in museum of some beer brand. Even stamp is with beer picture ;)
Sent by Christine.
From Belgium.
This is awesome postcard with Yoda :D I love it so much ^^ It's my frist star wars postcard. And it really made my day.
Sent by Holly.
From United Kingdom.



Funny postcard about flower hairdresser :D what a lovelly idea haha.
Sent by Sylvia.
From Netherlands.

Stunning picture of wolf with snow on its nose :)
Sent by Gaby.
From Germany.

Large postcard with a lot of funny thing on it. I like these details and some atmosphere of mess.
Sent by Max and Gaëlle.
From France.

Great postcard with few NASA experimental aircraft. I love it ^^
Sent by Linda.
From Virginia.

Sweet red fured wolf from Belarus.
Sent by Yuliya
From Minsk.

Really large postcard with blue angel. G wrote on it very important thing,that the most important is fill in our days by things that we love :)
Sent by G.
Frome Athens in Greece.

This awesome postcard with snowy owl is a photo took in zoo. But Julie told me that inThunder Bay where she lives is a lot of wild animals. Including black bears :)
Sent by Julie.
From Canada.